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Art History and Photography

I have always been in love with art history and art in general. So for my senior project (which was almost 2 years ago now) I decided to take my love for art history and photography and combine them. I wanted to capture the general pose, lighting, and symbols-but not make the photographs look like paintings. My sister Jolene was my model for this series, and they range from 11x14" to 4x5'.
"Princess de Brogile" Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres 1853
"Madonna of the Long Neck" Parmiagiano 1534
"Girl with the Pearl Earring" Johannes Vermeer 1665
"The Young Martyr" (Detail) Paul Delaroche 1853
"The Source" Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres 1856 (I found a "censored" image of it for sensitive viewers)
"Reclining Woman with Green Stockings" Egon Shiele 1917
"Self Portrait" Frida Kahlo 1926
"Flaming June" (Detail) Frederick Lord Leighton 1895


JethRobyn said...

WOW!! Ang, those are amazing, once again, I am so impressed. You are really a gifted photographer. I really want to get together soon, my blog...and see why next week is best!!

leslie jo said...

That is soo neat!

--> Garit said...

Yeah totally awesome.. can I submit my favorite?

Ross' friar tuck bald spot! Incredible! lol

Isn't there some old famous art piece depicting a man with shaggy hair posing with his favorite ax? I think thats the only thing you're missing here.


Angela said...

lol, oh, I will have to post those when I find them! You definetly should have taken up modeling!

Yelyah's Corner said...

one word...TALENTED!

Davy J said...

I saw "Flaming June" during my mission- it is located in the Ponce Art museum of all places, which surprisingly has some incredible works in its collection. My favorite was "The Sleep of Arthur in Avalon" by Sir Edward Burne-Jones- a massive painting that he never finished...

robynp said...

Angela these are so cool. You really are gifted!

Erin Johnson said...

I love the last one!

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