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Bone Family

This is my good friend Lyndi, and her two boys. Lyndi is also a photographer-so we thought we would do each other's family pictures before the fall colors go! So the three adults and three kids, two of them babies, went hiking up in the wilderness. The babies cried and cried, but somehow with minimal adult supervision we made it work. It truly was beautiful up in the mountains, definitely worth the trip.  Love you Lyndi, it was an adventure.


JethRobyn said...

Those look great, i can't believe the colors, where did you guys go? So pretty. My favorite is Aiden kissing Liam on the cheek while he's in full scream mode! What a beautiful family

Lyndi said...

Oh, what an adventure, but yes definitely worth it. Thanks again.

Bonnie said...

Angela those look great!