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adorable + adorable=Sprague Twins.

These little cuties are 3 weeks old. They were very alert and wiggly and did not want to sleep (especially at the same time) but we finally got them both asleep and took some really sweet pictures. Thanks Scott and Maran for having me take pictures of your adorable girls.
Bailey Marie
Brynn Elizabeth
older sister Hannah.
I love their expressions and kicked out legs here...
This one just makes me laugh-poor Brynn.
so sweet.
DSC_0090 copy


Maran said...

Thank you so much for taking their pictures!!! You are an awesome and extremely PATIENT photographer!

Donna said...

Great job Angela. Boy that took a whole lot of patience. I can't believe you actually got the shot of them lying on Scott's arms while they were awake! The one of Bailey pinching Brynn cracks me up. Look at the look on Bailey's face. It is hilarious. I also love the ones of them asleep. Thanks so much for doing these. I can now tell people to come to this site to see our twin granddaughters.

leslie jo said...

Soo cute! They look so cute! I love the one with both the parents well part of them.. soo cute!

Lyndi said...

Oh my gosh! So cute!

JethRobyn said...

WOWOWOWOWOW!! So cute, These are adorable baby girls, I love it...My favorite is the one of the two wrapped in the black cloth where you can just see their faces. But I am still glad I only have one at a time :)

Jen said...

Wow- these turned out great! Such cuties.

I haven't checked out your photo blog for a while. It was fun to look through all of the beautiful pictures! You are very talented. I'll have to check more often.

Grandma Julia said...

Beautiful job...would love to order some pictures if possible...Scott and Maran have my contact info. Thanks a million.

Kerrie said...

These are absolutely beautiful! You are so talented Angela! I, too, haven't seen your blog in awhile...your pictures are amazing. I love the photos of Amber too. I wish I looked that good pregnant.

Lanay said...

Great job! It is quite a challenge with twins, you did a great job! So sweet.