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Final 3.

I made it into the top 3, and final round of Photography Idol. Thank you so much for your support and votes. This experience has really pushed me as an artist and photographer. It has also made me realize how much support I have from those around me, and even people I have never met. The final vote is today-and this one is for the win. Here is the voting link through Facebook and a mobile voting link. The winner will be announced Monday on the live finale:) lolabw44


Bonnie said...

Awesome, and clearly the best!

Jemsmom said...

Hi Angela! I just wanted to pop over and say that I love your work! I have been following the Chic contest and think you have just really grown and developed over the few weeks. Your image of the girl in the boat took my breath away and this image is STUNNING! Congratulations and good luck!

Angela said...

Thank you guys! I am excited to find out who won tonight, it really was a neat experience to be part of. Thank you for your kind words:)