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Thank You.

The live finale for Photography Idol is tonight, and I thought before we find out who won I would say thank you. Thank you to the many people who helped me through this journey. I entered this competition on a whim, it sounded like fun so I figured why not?! I decided that if I made it into the top 10, that would be awesome. But, being that from there it was based on popular vote I really didn't expect to get any further. Well, with the help of my family, friends and people I don't even know I have made it to the top 3. My goal from the beginning of this competition was to do my best and push myself creatively. Right away I was out of my comfort zone-asking perfect strangers if I could borrow their boat (and being rejected), working with models I have never met, and shooting in new locations are just a few examples. Giving that we only had a short amount of time to make it all come together, I had to ask for help in many ways. I honestly can say that even though this experience has been challenging and tiring, I am so happy that I had it. I feel like I did my best, and I am happy win or lose-Because I learned so much about myself, and because it made me realize what amazing people I have in my life. idol

Thank you Shawna, my parents, and my mother-in-law for watching my children while I was on shoots, looking for costumes, and getting everything together.
 Thank you Lola and Stephanie for being my models even though I have never met you before.(And Matt, Marc for your time and Janna, Amy, and Kellie for being on standby).
 Thank you Kellie, Ross, Jade, and Lola's parents for assisting me (which can be a messy job).
Thank you Jim and Crystal for letting me borrow equipment.
 Thank you Traci, Lyndi, Jake, Barb and Jocelyn for letting me borrow costumes and props.
Thank you Lyndi, Robyn, Kellie and all my photographer friends for giving me feedback on images, and support throughout.
 Thank you Ross for being so supportive and helping me get through all this.
 Most of all thank you to all my friends and family for helping me get votes and cheering me on. I saw so many of you sharing the voting link on your pages and helping me make it to the next round (and possibly win!)
 Thank you to those of you I don't even know who have left kind comments and are rooting for me, it means a lot. And thank you to my friends and family on Facebook for letting me clog up your newfeed all month with voting links and not de-friending me:) Love you all.

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Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

You are amazing!! Best of luck!!